with Carrie West

Yes, of course you do, my dear!  But it’s not as easy as that, is it?  I mean … the first question we’re going to ask is: Why?  And we don’t want some time-worn cliché about nature-worship, goddesses and finding your place in the Universe, either.  When we ask what you expect to gain from studying traditional British Old Craft, what we do expect is a response that shows some forethought has gone into your decision and that you’ve bother to find out a little of what it means to belong to the Elder Faith.

In truth, an Old Craft witch is judged on his or her natural abilities with the Craft.   Not on their proficiency in each individual talent but the application of how they approach each separate sphere of learning and how each method or technique moves onto the next.  Neither are we impressed by a Who’s Who-type listing of those who have inspired you – particularly if they are American with no formal knowledge of our Tradition.

It is not unfair to claim that witches are born not made with their natural abilities pre-programmed.  It is also true that many people discover these latent talents in later life, having been around the pagan block a few times and subsequently we can help them recognise and develop these special gifts.  Neither does this mean, however, that we favour those who have built up an impressive collection of esoteric merit-badges from a wide variety of ritual magic and revivalist Orders.

A good candidate for prospective witch-hood will have a sound appreciation of the natural world; and awareness of natural tides and energies and have a good understanding of the history of Craft.   Some of our members have completed their training in other disciplines of magical practice, which they bring with them to the group.   Our teaching methods explore traditional British Old Craft magic, aiming at both solitary practitioners and group-working – providing a safe way to gain a solid grounding in practical Craft techniques. 

Hopefully, we provide a broad-based introduction to basic Craft magical techniques that will prevent beginners from being deceived by those with lesser expertise than themselves because we offer an accessible and structured foundation course providing sound guidance for those wishing to explore different areas of Craft practice before committing themselves to a particular Path or Tradition.  That is why we operate two forums – one, a public facebook page for pagans from different disciplines (Coven Café Culture); the second an invitation-only group for more advanced students and Coven members – for discussion and debate.

Most people learn about magic and witchcraft from books, and they learn alone. Their magic remains a very personal and private thing.  This has one very major drawback, however … where do you go to ask those niggling questions, or check whether you are working safely and efficiently? 

Carrie West

For more information concerning Coven of the Scales tuition go to our website at www.covenofthescales.com where you will find further details about traditional British Old Craft on our Blog page.

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