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Philip Wright & Carrie West authors of Coven Working and Death & the Pagan have a new book in production that should be published by Ignotus Press UK early in 2020.  They were early members of Coven of the Scales when it was formed by Bob and Meriem Clay-Egerton following their move to Newcastle and have since run their own teaching coven in St Albans for well over twenty years until its recent amicable closure. The long history of the Moonraker-CoS Covens has always been close knit and often beset with troubles resulting from both internal and external causes but unlike many of those that were around back in the day, they are gratified to see that CoS goes from strength to strength.  ‘Traditional British Old Craft is often frowned upon by millennial-witches for its elitist, hierarchical and god-based structure but this Coven has been provably in existence since the mid 1880s and it has managed to survive to keep the spirit of ‘true’ Craft alive despite the often overwhelming odds.  We as old-timers are proud to have this as our heritage …’

PART I: SUMMER: Calan Haf-Beltaine

The whole essence of traditional British Old Craft is closely bound to the natural tides that govern our planet.  When we organise our own coven activities, these are focussed on drawing down an elemental power to synchronise with the traditional Sabbats/ Esbats, thus ensuring the coven develops a ‘group mind’ of its own that nonetheless periodically needs to be recharged via group ritual.  This also explains why Old Crafters synchronise those rituals to coincide with the Old Julian Calendar that links us directly to the power of the Ancestors.  The modern Gregorian calendar is now fourteen days out of alignment and had been thirteen days apart since March 1900 – but magically a miss is as good as a mile!

Watch this space …

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