The Arte of Darkness has gone off to the printer and should be ready for publication by September; while Pagan Portals: Western Animism – Zen and the Art of Positive Paganism is due for release on 26th July and will be of interest to anyone with an interest in spirituality and paganism without feeling the need to embraced the established traditions of Wiccan, Heathenism or Druid. The book may even appeal to those whose outlook on contemporary paganism has become jaded with the lack of focus or official litany.  Pagan Portals – Seeking the Primal Goddess is due for publication on 31st January 2020.  Sacred Landscape: Caves and Mountains   is in production but so date yet for publication.

The contract has been signed for The (Inner-City) Path: A Gleaning of the Seasons on a Daily Walk, which based on several familiar urban walks that have merged together over the years to make a chapbook of the seasons and to offer a glimpse into the pagan mind-set that can find mystery under every leaf and rock along the way, or caught in the murmur of running water, and to act as a simple guide to achieving a sense of well-being and awareness.  The typescript should be ready by autumn and the book published towards the end of 2020.

Work in progress includes the third in the Vampyre’s Tale series and books two and three in the Sacred Landscape trilogy.

Advanced orders can be placed for Pagan Portals: Western Animism – Zen and the Art of Positive Paganism from Moon Books – http://www.moon-books.net

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