Western Animism: Zen & the Art of Positive Paganism

Within contemporary paganism there is a widening schism between the different factions who may benefit from the wisdom that, in Zen, it is the question – not the answer, that is vital. This book explores Western spirituality and paganism from an Eastern perspective.
Looking back I can see how my Shinto upbringing (my father was a martial arts instructor and a countryman) made it so easy to pick up on the underlying animistic threads of Old Craft and its associated esoteric practices. From a small child I was in touch with that indefinable sensation of witch-power, god-power, ki, qi, or earth energy – call it what you will – the natural energy that is believed to be an active principle forming part of any living thing.

Unfortunately, within contemporary paganism, there appears to be a widening schism between the different factions who may benefit from the wisdom that in Zen it is the question that is most important – not the answer – and that some kinds of teaching cannot be set down in words but can only be learned through experience. As an antidote, I suggest that in the spirit of Zen it is possibly necessary to step away from this type of negative thinking and try seeing the pagan world through a different spectrum of supernatural agencies and spirits, and the practice of divination, ancestor worship, and shamanic healing where we can we find plenty of parallels between East and Western paganism.

Publication date: 26th July 2019
Pagan Portals: Western Animism: Zone & and the Art of Positive Paganism
Published by Moon Books ISBN 978 1 78904 123 1 : http://www.moon-books.net

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