Writer @ Work

Phew!  There are two titles in the ‘finished box’ – that is a book that has been put away for a month to settle before being taken out for a final read through before the publishing process begins.   One is the first in the Sacred Landscape trilogy – Caves & Mountains – for Moon Books; the other is the 100,000-word The Arte of Darkness for Ignotus Press UK.  A third book is now in the planning stages …

The Path: A Gleaning of the Seasons was inspired by Chet Raymo’s book of the same name – that in its turn chronicled his own daily walk to work and observing with a scientist’s curiosity.  As often happens, I began thinking what if there was a similar title written from pagan’s perspective for when we to take our own local paths?  And, as if arising from some external creative impulse The Path began to unwind in the mind’s eye … based on several familiar walks that merged together to make a chapbook of the seasons and to offer a glimpse into the pagan mind-set that can find mystery under every leaf and rock, or caught in the murmur of running water, along the way.

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