A Magical Miscellany

by Melusine Draco

Having just re-read Al-Khemy: Being in Two Worlds for research purposes, I’m reminded why I’ve always considered Alan Richardson one of the most under-rated esoteric authors of our time.  This was the latest in his series of ‘magical journals’ for which he is well-known:

The Templar Door

Searching for Sulis

The Sea Priest

Dark Imagery

And which his short-sighted publishers (in their wisdom!) have since remaindered because of low sales.  Most titles are, however, still available in e-book form and via ABE-books and well-worth collecting …

Whether it was because we share a similar connection with ancient Egypt (The Inner to Egypt and The Setian) and an abiding loathing of Akhenaten, or whether my irritation resonated on another level over his cavalier attitude to certain magical mores – rejecting Tarot cards if he doesn’t like it and demanding a better one – ignoring psychic communications if they don’t suit – his fondness for augers/seers/mountebanks – likening the studying of the Kabbalah to reading the assembly instructions for IKEA flat-packs (and this from the author of An Introduction to the Mystical Qabalah!) – or refusing to admit that he is one of the Elect.

Nevertheless, these magical journals contain more than their fair share of magical truths that once read are never forgotten – such as our Dame introducing “Alan Richardson’s Bell-jar moment’ into Coven parlance; or my never being able to read about Robert Kirk of The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Faunes and Fairies fame, without visualising Billy Connolly is the title role of The Giftie.  His books offer a glimpse into his remarkable talent for visualization and perception from which we can all learn …like magic – as long as it’s done sincerely – always works although rarely When you want, or How you want – but always when and how you need.

Incidentally, in his tiresome youth, our hero was mentored by that irascible ritual magician, Bill Gray (The Old Sod), so don’t be fooled by his self-effacing comments about his lack of magical ability, because this talent come through at every turn.  I suppose we’re blessed with a sort of what he refers to as a sort of ‘communicative empathy’ because although we’ve always had a literal distance between us, he’s never out of my thoughts (or writing) for long.

Of course, mention must also be made of his ‘long suffering Margaret’ to his Victor Meldrew (‘One Foot in the Grave’) because I’ve warned my lot that if I land up in a ‘home’ I will invoke a Diana Trent persona (‘Waiting For God) – so if we find ourselves in the same care home, life will be very interesting indeed …

*All AR back titles are listed in italic and well-worth collecting.

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