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The RATS! are here …

What, historically, do rats and witchcraft have in common? Firstly, they appear to be almost indestructible, and secondly, they HAVE put the fear of the gods into humankind like nothing else on the planet!

Rats have been our close neighbours for a l-o-n-g time and it’s not surprising that they have entered the spiritual lexicon of our superstitions, literature and customs. Because, if we Google ‘rats as spirit-totem animals’ there are some 883,000 results, which just goes to show there are lots of people who actually appear to feel quite positive about them! If we consult Wildspeak – an animal energies webpage – we find that if a rat’s characteristics were part of a human’s make-up we would probably like to have them as a friend!

Whatever humans have thrown at them, the rats have survived. They’ve taken on the might of the Supremist Super Power in the world – the US of A – and won. Who knows what these intelligent little beasties will inherit from their new career opportunities? As Robert Hendricksen observes, men have long compared rats to humans, with no regard for the possibility that the rat might find such comparisons odious, considering the record of our race.

Where they are not soiled by civilization, all rats – and especially the black rat – are beautiful immaculate animals. Unlike people, rats are always personally clean creatures who are continually grooming themselves and each other; they are transformed into ‘dirty rats’ only when they come in contact with man’s environment.’ Rats can also be more compassionate than man. Helpless rats are often fed all their lives by others … The rodents probably cooperate in ways that man can still only imagine. Judging by their many abilities, as well as their stupendous numbers, rats and their close relatives are already more the masters of the earth than man can ever hope to be.

All of which means, of course, that the rat is the perfect totem animal for a witch because the rat as a spirit animal that signifies restlessness and success. As a totem or spirit animal it may be a sign of being unsettled. It is also a reminder of the need to be shrewd in business affairs. The rat also demonstrates how to be resilient and survive despite extreme difficulty. This is through adaptability in both an emotional and physical manner. It has a year-round cycle of power.

Using spirit animals as guides can give us inspiration on how to behave and respond in our everyday lives. Sometimes an animal will make itself known to us at a time when this guidance will be most helpful to us. It is important to remain open to this happening in order to recognise when it happens. This open state of mind is also useful for assimilating insights and making real changes in our life.  Animal symbols may come to us in dreams or whilst meditating. Find out about the characteristics of these animals and think about how these could help you with situations in your own life.

RATS! Fear or Reverence by Melusine Draco is published in paperback and as an e-book by ignotus press : ISBN 978 1 80302 351 9 in the Arcanum series : 98 pages : UK£6.85 : Order direct from the printer at a discounted price from

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