Firstly, there’s been some positive response from TV Writer’s Vault concerning The Temple House Archive and the Hugo Braithwaite Mysteries and all we can do is keep our fingers crossed that both series find favour with a television production company in the not too distant future.  Decided that The Temple House had come to the end of its natural life but if it turns out to be a popular TV series then I can always turn my hand to new titles.  The HBM series now has Break-In in preparation.

Had submitted a proposal to Moon Books for the last book in the ‘How To Survive (and Enjoy)’ the varies seasonal festivals and to reclaim these ago-old celebrations back from the church and re-introduce them to our own people.  Just reporting that I’ve just received and accepted the Moon Books contract for Breath of Spring to complete to complete the series for ‘How to Survive (and Enjoy)’ the seasonal festivals. The whole series should be out next year with an extra title Hallowe’en vs Samhain in the Arcanum-ignotus series, which we thought was a bit too gamey for mainstream readers.

The ARCANUM series is rapidly growing and at close of play in 2021 we were up to eight titles with RATS!: Fear or Reverence, Incubation & Temple Sleep and Bush Soul in the pipeline for the first half of 2022.  Our second limited edition title, Inner Court Witchcraft has passed the half-way stage …

Taking a bit of a break and trying my hand at science fiction during the next few months to see how it works out and hopefully will make a start on the fourth book in The Vampyre’s Tale series.

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