WRITER@WORK – Autumn Equinox

WRITER@WORK –  Autumn Equinox

with Melusine Draco

This is the best time of year to pick up old projects and get them finished … or re-started.  Now we’re about to see the next Temple House Archive novel – PACT!  – to be published.  It’s an unusual title but it saw me killing off one of my favourite characters and the tying-up of all the loose ends in the series, so that the next book – Labyrinth – starts from scratch.   It’s also led to the idea that the TH Archive would make a good television series and so will be poking and prodding about among the production companies over the next few months to explore the possibilities.  These are unchartered waters so any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated …

The Water Boatman in ‘A Tale For All Seasons’ quartet is now available in paperback and e-book format.  Set against a backdrop of the British waterways, the principal character is a modern day herbalist and cunning-man who operates off his luxury narrowboat to become embroiled in various adventures along the way.   Although it has its own fair share of bodies along the tow-path, this is much more of a cosy-crime … along with the start of the next Hugo Braithwaite Mystery … Break In! … set against a covid background because we can’t ignore it completely, can we?

It’s also time to start on the fourth title in The Vampyre’s Tale series – Mememto Mori – that picks up the story in the Middle Ages as it moves towards its conclusion with its dual time-line.  Dark doings for a darker time of the year

At the back end of the Summer, Moon Books issued a contract for Sumer Is Icumen In: How to Survive (and Enjoy) the Mid-Summer Festival and saw me make a start on the next title Song of Harvest Home in the same format.  If MB accept it there will be Springtime to follow … if not, they can be published under the ignotus press banner.

Ignotus Press’s Arcanum series is well under way with the first four titles already in print: Sacrifice To The Gods, Talking To Crows, Hagstones and Thrice Great Thoth.  With The Power of Images, Quartz and Scent of a Witch currently in production, Gateways to Otherworld should bring the total up to eight by the end of the year.

I’m also making a stab at a new departure into a sci-fi adventure …

So yes … all in all it’s been a very busy and productive summer

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