The first day of Spring is one thing, the first Spring day is another …

Have to admit to succumbing to the frustrations of ‘lock-down’ and the torrential down-pours haven’t helped.  But this week has seen the garden burst into bloom with containers of dwarf daffodils and flower beds full of scarlet dwarf tulips. Patchy sunshine has brought the bumblebees out and both the dawn and dusk chorus is a joy to listen to the ear.

Arcanum books got off to a good start and we’re springing into production with Talking to Crows.  Several new ideas for titles have brought the series up to ten with Thrice Great Thoth: The Magician’s Magician, Rats: Born Survivors (working title), The Power of Prayer (with co-author Julie Dexter), Chasing Rainbows: Coping With Pet Loss and Bereavement and The Scent of Magic. These books keep me busy as they can mostly be written off the top of my head and I thoroughly enjoy turning my hand to completely different subjects.  They also spot me from becoming bored!

The typescript for Temple House Archive – PACT! – is still dragging its feet on the subject of pacts, demons and curses – which is best suited to winter creative writing when the evenings are dark and dismal.  I’ve decided to kill off one of my main characters and it’s not easy!  Beginning to sound like one of the spoilers for Death in Paradise!  The end is firmly in sight but just need to tweak the final action …

As I’ve said before, Pagan Portals: Sexual Dynamics in the Circle will finally see the light of day on 26th March 2021 pointing out that one of the most significant social changes in the 20th-century was the wedge driven between the males and females of Craft as a result of social media and political feminism. From a purely magical point of view the battle of the sexes has been one of the most negative crusades in the history of mankind since everything in the entire Universe is made up from a balance or harmony of opposite energies. Men and women are different as night and day but still part of the same homo sapiens coin – regardless of their individual sexuality.

So … what’s new for the rest of the year?   The Witch’s Book of Simples has gone into production with Moon Books and hopefully will be published towards the end of the year.  And once the various bits and pieces, blogs and stuff are out of the way, I’ll take my usual summer break (not that I should need it after all this lockdowning) and make a start on the next book in The Vampyre’s Tale series.

Melusine Draco

Spring Equinox 2021

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