A Book-Worm’s Eye View

 Starchild I & II by Melusine Draco

 In 2000 I published Starchild: a Re-Discovery of Stellar Wisdom’ It had taken ten years to write and encapsulated what I’d learned on the path up to and beyond Initiation into the Mysteries – it was a catharsis of all the jumbled and fragmentary magical and mystical information collected in the brain, purged and then drawn together to make a coherent whole. It was, I thought at the time – either through arrogance or ignorance – my Magnum Opus.

 Sixteen years later I put the finishing touches to Starchild II: Lights of the Veil, which demonstrates that the path of the Initiate is never ending in terms of learning. Starchild II does not render Starchild I obsolete – it is an extension of that original understanding – an affirmation, if you like. The first book was created out of the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian world and while the second emerged from more recent wider-reaching discoveries, it has revealed how our mystical roots have sprung from different strains of the same panspermiac seed.

 The past sixteen years have seen tremendous breakthroughs in science, archaeology and astronomy, and have merely strengthened the belief that mankind’s true quest for knowledge, wisdom and understanding still lies along the Path of the Initiate. Starchild II uses the old stellar-wisdom to pull all the various esoteric threads together and examine them under a spiritual microscope. Panspermia was an idea of great antiquity, implying that the seeds of life are inherent in the Universe … we can now see that it also carries all the magic and mystery of the stars.

Astrotheology is the study of the astronomical origins of religion; how gods, goddesses, and demons are personifications of astronomical phenomena such as lunar eclipses, planetary alignments, and apparent interactions of planetary bodies with stars. The actual term astro-theology first appeared in a book by William Derham: Astro-theology: or, A demonstration of the being and attributes of God, from a survey of the heavens (1714) based on the author’s observations by means of a telescope. Derham thought that the stars were openings in the firmament through which he thought he saw the Empyrean Heaven – the place in the highest heaven, which in ancient cosmologies was believed to be occupied by the Element of Fire, or the realm of Pure Light – i.e. Kether.

In Starchild I: A Re-discovery of Stellar Wisdom, we discovered how the ancient Egyptians viewed the stars, and how the roots of Western magic and mysticism are still linked to stellar energy. Stellar wisdom is, literally, as old as Time with its beginnings in the ancient creation myths; the primordial, indigenous forces that were later deemed demonic by those who were unable to comprehend their Mysteries. Stellar magic really does reach from the inner chthonic planes of the Earth to the outer limits of Space.

We also find that respected science writers like Marcus Chown, cosmology consultant for New Scientist magazine with a first class degree in physics and a Masters in astrophysics, can explain how every particle that makes up this world of ours originated in The Magic Furnace somewhere in outer space. “The iron in our blood, the calcium in our bones, the oxygen in our very breath – all were forged in blistering furnaces deep inside stars, and blown into space when those stars exploded and died.” This is an on-going cosmic drama that began some 15 billion years ago and as Chown points out, we are directly connected to that most ‘dramatic and awe-inspiring of cosmic events’ – everyone of us is stardust made flesh.

Even Chet Raymo, professor of physics and astronomy, revealed that he has the soul of a poet in making a personal pilgrimage ‘into the darkness and silence of the night sky in quest of a human meaning’. This pilgrimage is one that each of us must make alone, into this realm of stars and galaxies, to the limits of the Universe, to the boundaries of Time and Space where the mind and heart encounter the ultimate Mystery – the known unknowable. “It is,” he writes, “a pilgrimage in quest of The Soul of the Night.”

We are not talking about philosophical analogies of 20th century theology that ‘figuratively align the three Abrahamic faiths’ with astrological symbolism, or connect the ‘solar allegory and the life of Christ, thereby cleverly rendering obsolete the cosmologies of the ancient Near East’. Our search takes us on a re-discovery of the earliest form of religion that fuelled the faith to construct the Pyramids and the vast Neolithic monuments of the British Isles, all of which were constructed in alignment with the stars …

Starchild I & II by Melusine Draco is published by Ignotus Books.  ISBN 978 1 78697 649 9 : 242 pages.  Available at a special discount direct from FeedaRead  of  7.95

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