Having got to 5th May and found that house arrest is to continue for another two weeks at least, it’s time to re-evaluate the situation.  Having several acres of fields in which to exercise and not driving, the current mini- lifting of the restrictions aren’t going to make any difference.   Luckily, I’ve got two treasures who are looking after me but the thing I miss is not being able to go into a store for a rummage around and thinking ‘Ah! I’ll have that for supper for a change!’   Or shopping for seasonal vegetables before my own are ready in the garden.  Or bandying insults with the local traders as part of the weekly routine.  And if that’s all I have to complain about, then I’m fortunate indeed.

On the plus side, of course, I’m still cracking on with the writing projects: the latest Hugo Braithwaite  mystery, Screenplay, is half-way complete and The Witch’s Book of Simples is well underway.   Both books will be published by Ignotus Books UK early next year.  Keep up to date with these publications on the MD Blog – https://wordpress.com/home/melusine-draco.blog  We’ve also formally inaugurated the Ignotus Books UK web site and this is now under way with all ignotus books in print listed and direct links to FeedARead for special discounts and a Blog page attached.  Watch this space …

As 21st March 2021is the publication date for Sexual Dynamics in the Circle it means that my next Moon Books title will not be due until 2022 – but I won’t be keeping any finished titles hanging around waiting!    I might get Appeasing the Gods – with Sacrifice, Offerings & Libation in the pipeline and ready for submission for mid 2021.  If they want it – fine – if not …………..!

Today there are many more easily available books on occult subjects than there was in the 1990s, but quantity hasn’t necessarily translated into quality. Our aim for Ignotus Books is to provide titles that will provide authentic, reliable information and guidance to the genuine seeker, written by seasoned practitioners with proven antecedents.  And, as in the past, our authors are willing to answer any questions arising from the content of their publications.

We are also hoping to launch an Arcanum series of introductory titles based on the principle of the children’s ‘Ladybird’ books that introduced us to the nuggets of wisdom that often lasted a life-time. This new series has been specially structured to help genuine magical practitioners make an exploratory journey into areas that may be unfamiliar to them before investing in larger more costly books. The first Arcanum titles in preparation are Thoth: The Gateway to the Temple by Melusine Draco and Colour in the Circle (working title) by Julie Dexter.

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