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Whittlewood (novel) – Suzanne Ruthven

A modern Gothic horror story of ancient and modern magical morality and witchcraft … In the old Whittlewood forest a murder awakens an ancient power – and the penalty is death.  The author spent her childhood in Whittlewood Forest, a former medieval hunting forest in Northamptonshire.  There are tracts of ancient woodland within the forest, and old ditch boundaries can be found at the edges of several of the individual woods. The area has been the subject of extensive academic historical research … and it has always retained its element of mystery.


Whittlewood deserves to be widely read by those who want a book full of atmosphere and an underlying sense of powerful other-worldly forces at work. The setting is vivid and the characters and their motives well drawn. Would make an excellent film/TV drama, and I look forward to reading more fiction by Ms Ruthven.” Sally Spedding, author of Cold Remains, Wringland and Cloven.

5-star rating from Amazon: “This book is a real page-turner. I started reading it and had to finish it in one sitting; I just could not put it down. Whittlewood is a tale of murder and magical mystery, with some romance and a few touches of history, all of which combine to entice the reader to keep reading and reading – ever hungry for more … Suzanne Ruthven has woven a story of magic, mystery and reality into a marvellous book. I hope she continues to write such engrossing tales. What’s more her descriptive style is such that I could smell the incense and greenery in the Church; I was transported. This is one of the most original fictional works I have read in recent years.”

ISBN: 9781786976888 : Paperback : Pages 248 : €7.95

Published: 1 March 2017

Order direct from https://www.feedaread.com/books/Whittlewood-9781786976888.aspx

Also available in Kindle e-book format



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