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Coven of the Scales: The Collected Writings of A R Clay Egerton

As one of our members said: ‘It was the first book I read that made me think, this is how it’s actually done …’  It was the first book published by the original ignotus press in 2002 and the first reprint title by Ignotus Books in 2016.

Since his death in 1998, the reputation of Alastair ‘Bob’ Clay-Egerton has begun to pass into pagan legend alongside other contemporary characters such as Robert Cochrane, Michael Howard and Bill Grey. Hopefully, these collected writings will strike a responsive cord and cause the reader to think for themselves, instead of being influenced by the large amount of misinformation that is prevalent in today’s occult teaching. His unique form of teaching is continued in the work of the Coven of the Scales.

It is probably easier to say what Bob Clay-Egerton wasn’t than what he was and, despite having been an acquaintance of Gerald Gardener and chums with Alex Sanders, he embraced neither Gardnerian nor Alexandrian traditions.  He was initiated into Old Craft back in 1941 and into a ritual magic order in 1943 but, contrary to popular belief, he neither knew Aleister Crowley, nor was he a member of either the Golden Dawn or the OTO.  He was a member of the Templi Satanas Luciferi which, in modern parlance was a forerunner of the Tubal Cain-Luciferian tradition that was then gaining popularity.

ISBN: 9781786109620 : Paperback : Pages 140 : €6.85

Published: 12 May 2016

Order direct from https://www.feedaread.com/books/Coven-of-the-Scales.aspx

Also available in Kindle e-book format

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