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It had to happen sooner or later … ignotus press couldn’t stay in the shadows forever. Between 1997 and 2007 it was one of the leading independent publishers of esoteric books on the subject of ritual magic, mysticism, traditional British Old Craft and the Egyptian Mystery Tradition – and was often ahead of its time in only accepting typescripts from bone fide magical practitioners who could prove their antecedents.

In 2017 the press began reprinting some of the old titles that has been out of print for many years and for which we held the copyright … plus there were new books coming along that were crying out to be published under the ignotus banner.  So, at Beltaine 2020 it was decided to launch Ignotus Books and although the old domain name had been sold, we were fortunate enough to acquire and the new website is in the process of construction.  Email:

Reprint titles:

Root & Branch: British Magical Tree Lore – Melusine Draco

The Roman Book of Days: The Calendar of Ancient Rome – Pauline Erina

Coven Working: How to Set Up or Join a Working Coven – Philip Wright & Carrie West

Death & the Pagan: Modern Pagan Funeral Practices – Philip Wright & Carrie West

Coven of the Scales – A R Clay-Egerton

The Setian – Billie Walker-John & Alan Richardson

Whittlewood (novel) – Suzanne Ruthven

The Wild Horseman (novel) Suzanne Ruthven


New titles:

Starchild  I & II – Melusine Draco

The Calendar of Ancient Egypt: Melusine Draco

The Arte of Darkness:Magic & Mystery From the Shadows – Melusine Draco

Old Year, Old Calendar, Old Ways – Melusine Draco

Wort-Lore: the Craft of Witches – Melusine Draco

CRONE! – Melusine Draco


New Fiction series:

The Vampyre’s Tale series – Suzanne Ruthven

The Hugo Braithwaite Mysteries – Suzanne Ruthven

The Temple House Archive series – Melusine Draco


Forthcoming titles:

Round About the Cauldron Go … Philip Wright & Carrie West

The Colour of Magic – Julie Dexter

The Witch’s Treasury – Julie Dexter

Inner Court Witchcraft – Melusine Draco

At this point in time, Ignotus Books UK has no plans to invite submissions from new authors but if this situation should change in the future, we be implementing our policy of only accepting typescripts from bone fide magical practitioners who can prove their antecedents.  So no unsolicited typescripts, please.

All titles are available in paperback by entering the book title on the search box on the homepage. Then click the button to order on the book’s page to obtain the book at a special discounted price – although you can also search for the book on Amazon to see if it is listed there and on Kindle e-books.

If you are a bookseller Ignotus titles can be ordered via book wholesalers. If an author has chosen for their book to be in distribution, booksellers can usually order through the major wholesalers in the US and UK, including Barnes and Noble, Gardners, Nielsen and Bertrams.  Our books are print-on-demand and our printers print approx 7.5 million print-on-demand titles and are part of the Ingram group, with the largest global distribution network of their kind with over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries. Once ordered, books are processed on the printer’s print line and usually take approx 7 to 14 working days to be delivered.


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