Book Review:

Seeking The Primal Goddess by Melusine Draco

Another fabulous offering from Pagan Portals. These shorter books are full to bursting with information and knowledge, but something light and easily read over a weekend. Within the seventy nine pages are five chapters and the afterthought. Each of the chapters which cover a wide variety of subjects such as spiritual bloodlines, hearth fire, going beyond the veil and the Owd Lass and Lad, have a “Hearth Fire Exercise”. These contain something for you to experience on a more personal level. It could be research or an actual journey, like the one I made to a healing well. Melusine guides us on a journey to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, through the ancient world into the beliefs of Old Europe and the many Goddess figures that litter the past. How they are shaped, renamed, and blended over time. Sometimes this is due to migration of people, marriage, or even war. To the victor goes the spoils so to speak. I learned so much from this book, especially concerning the transfer of mitochondrial DNA from mother to offspring, often called maternal inheritance, which allows us to trace our maternal line back, as our mother inherited hers from her mother, and so forth. If I knew this before I had forgotten it. It immediately gave me an amazing emotional link through the ages to my own ancestors. Also, the same chapter goes to explain blood groups and migration, I don’t want to spoil the journey for anyone, but it’s captivating reading. I didn’t find this an easy read, there were plenty of rather long words that I had to look up, (but that’s how we learn right?). But saying that I will continue to refer back to this book, and re-read it. I enjoyed my time spent with it, and look forward to reading more by the author, and doing my own research into the subject.

Seeking the Primal Goddess by Melusine Draco in published by Moon Books.   ISBN 978 1 78904 256 6 : 80pp : UK£6.99/US$10.95

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