Gemstones, Rocks & Crystals

Although shop-bought rocks and crystals are beautiful things to own, those with the greatest magical properties are the ones we find for ourselves. Our world is built of rocks and crystals,

made from hundreds of minerals, in differing amounts to make up hundreds of different kinds of rock. The traditional witch was more likely to use a local piece of rock (or pebble) as a power object or amulet, and most people can visit a shingle beach — here we will find a wide variety of colorful and beautiful semi-precious stones which are ours for the taking.

Having said that, good pebbles are to be found anywhere in the shallow stream bed, on the sandy banks of an inland river, turned over in a plowed field, even dug up our own garden. It isn’t necessary to acquire a degree in geology to collect ‘magical’ pebbles because our choice is reliant on a small stone that catches our eye because of its unusual color or shape. We may discover it under unusual circumstances, or it may be something that we feel the need to pick up and possess. Having come straight from the Earth, how much more potent this will be than a polished crystal that has been mined and commercially prepared for the High Street ‘Crystal Cave’.

Quartz is one of the most popular of ‘crystals’ and pebbles having quartz as their dominant constituent are to be found on almost every beach in Britain. The differences in color and appearance are due to varying amounts of other minerals in each one, and also to the way in which the quartz has formed. Did you know that quartz is solid silica and if it did not crystallize when it solidified it is known as flint? Everyone knows that two flints struck together will produce a spark, but it is not generally known that all quartz pebbles will do the same and often produce bigger and better sparks. This can be viewed as magical fire from the very Earth itself — but would you want to risk smashing expensive, shop-bought quartz together to produce the same result? Clear quartz will produce an orange spark if two pieces are struck together in a darkened room, together with the smell of burning.

These crystals cost £££s in occult shops, but how much more satisfying to discover our own raw variety. It may not have been subjected to the lapidary’s polishing techniques but it will be all the more magical for that. Even a crude flint hagstone straight from the field will have more earth-energy than a glittering lump of amethyst that has been sitting on a shelf in a shop and having everyone pawing over it.

 Magic Crystals, Sacred Stones by Melusine Draco is published by Axis Mundi in paperback and e-book format.  ISBN: 978 1 78099 137 5 : UK£11.99/US$19.95  :

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