Writer @ Work

It was my intention to slow write (ouch!) down and have some more ‘me-time’ but it hasn’t turned out that way.  The ideas still keep coming with Western Animism: Zen and the Art of Positive Paganism and Seeking the Primal Goddess due for publication later this year.  As for work in progress there’s The Arte of Darkness, a whopping 100,000-worder on the darker, shadowy elements of magical practice and the first of a trilogy on Scared Landscape (Caves and Mountains with Grottos and Forests and Lakes and Rivers to follow) which is a multi-Path approach to the subject.  On the fiction front, I’m half-way through the third book of The Vampyre’s Tale and about to start on the rough draft of the fifth book in the Temple House Archive series.  On top of that there’s the increased traffic on the MD and the CoS Blogs to help keep things interesting …

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