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Western Animism: Zen & the Art of Positive Paganism
Mélusine Draco’s book takes us back to basics: it explains
clearly the fundamentals of Zen and how Zen “Ki” can also be
identified with Old Craft “Witch-power”. As an old crafter I
found the comparison fascinating and also useful. This book has
broadened my approach to Craft and has given ideas to try in
Julie Dexter, Dame of Coven of the Scales

I can’t think of another writer today who is more unusual or
more inspired than Mélusine Draco. I had assumed that, by now,
books on Zen were using their one-handed clapping to flog dead
horses along roads to nowhere. Yet her take on Zen is completely
unexpected and totally original. I don’t think she has ever failed
to surprise and often startle me in her previous books. This one
is no different …
Alan Richardson, esoteric author

Excellent book on Zen, very readable and engaging. Mélusine
Draco’s father was a martial arts instructor so she grew up with
this ancient form of animism-shamanism, and she’s well able to
relate it across to other traditions. We all come from the same
human and spirit roots! This is going to be one of my “go to”
books, every time I need a bit of inspiration and to reconnect
across the traditions of our Earth.
Elen Sentier, shaman, author and storyteller

In production with Moon Books and due early 2019

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