Coven Cafe Culture

Back in the 1980s Bob and Meriem Clay-Egerton held regular Sunday morning meetings in a local coffee shop in Newcastle for the benefit of non-Coven members who wanted to know more about witchcraft and magic – and didn’t know who to ask. In fact, many of their old friends have contacted us over the years and almost the first thing they mention are those magical Sunday mornings.

In keeping with Bob’s idea we have decided to open a Coven of the Scales ‘coffee shop’ on Facebook for the benefit of those pagans who need to ask questions about witchcraft and magic – but don’t know who to ask. After all, how can you teach yourself what you don’t know exists, and if you’re self-taught, who do you ask whether you’re doing it right?

Coven of the Scales is a traditional British Old Craft group and its members have years of experience of Craft, folk, practical and ritual magic techniques as well as all coming from different walks of life. This means there will always be those in the coffee shop from new members of CoS to Elders and Initiates who will be willing to answer your questions. It may be that you receive two conflicting responses but CoS has always been about encouraging magical discussion because that’s the only way to learn and progress … so … discuss … don’t be afraid to ask why?

All that Coven Café Culture demands of its members is good manners and being a closed group, we will dispose of anyone who isn’t willing to observed the basic courtesies when using the page. Neither do we want to give floor space to those massive egos who think the only way to discuss magical matters is to deliver a diatribe in highfaluting jargon that is incomprehensible to beginners. Any inappropriate or irrelevant posts will be automatically removed – so let’s keep it simple and sensible.

And remember – the only daft question is the one you didn’t ask.


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