Writer at Work …


Sounds better than ‘work in progress’ but there’s lots of new stuff in the pipeline and since being labeled as Moon Books most prolific author, I thought maybe it was time to slow down a bit on that front. Nevertheless, there are several titles in various stages of writing …

  • The Wanderer – the second book in The Vampyre’s Tale series – is currently at the printers and hopefully should be available by the summer.
  • Western Animism: Zen and the Art of Positive Paganism is currently out as a proposal with Moon Books for their Pagan Portals series and awaiting their readers’ reports.
  • By Hemlock, Henbane & Adder’s-tongue: Wort-lore – the Craft of Witches is almost complete at 73,000 words and currently being checked over to see if I’ve missed anything before completing the final chapter for Ignotus Press.
  • The Rosewood Madonna – the fourth book in the Hugo Braithwaite Mysteries – is currently at chapter four as the next spate of crimes hit the world of fine art and antiques.
  • The 13th Sign – the fourth book in the Temple House Archive series – is currently in the plotting stage with the opening chapter done, and should hopefully be completed by the end of the year.

Having several different titles on the go and at different stages of preparation, all at the same time is my way of avoiding the urban myth of writer’s block.  None of the titles contain conflicting subject matter so no risk of confusion creeping into the equation and prevents the brain from stagnating because of the pile of reference books required to keep the plot on the boil.

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