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WHITTLEWOOD – a novel by Suzanne Ruthven.

From time to time I will be introducing reviews for books that are complementary to traditional British Old Craft and the Khemetic Mysteries … or just because they contain their fair share of ‘magical truths’ that are pertinent to all Paths and Traditions. Wisdom isn’t confined to a single belief system and sometimes we can benefit from a different viewpoint … even if it’s not remotely connected to the Path we personally follow.

WHITTLEWOOD by Suzanne Ruthven

 First published by ignotus press in 1997 this magical novel has developed a bit of a cult following over the years …

Whittlewood deserves to be widely read by those who want a book full of atmosphere and an underlying sense of powerful other-worldly forces at work.  The setting is vivid and the characters and their motives well drawn.  Would make an excellent film/TV drama, and I look forward to reading more fiction by Ms Ruthven.”   Sally Spedding, author of Cold Remains, Wringland and Cloven

And a 5-star rating from Amazon:“This book is a real page-turner.  I started reading it and had to finish it in one sitting; I just could not put it down.  Whittlewood is a tale of murder and magical mystery, with some romance and a few touches of history, all of which combine to entice the reader to keep reading and reading – ever hungry for more … Suzanne Ruthven has woven a story of magic, mystery and reality into a marvellous book.  I hope she continues to write such engrossing tales.  What’s more her descriptive style is such that I could smell the incense and greenery in the Church; I was transported.  This is one of the most original fictional works I have read in recent years.”


Published by Ignotus Press UK : ISBN 978 1 78697 688 8


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