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How to Enjoy (and Survive) the Mid-Winter Festival

By Melusine Draco

 Publication date: 24th November 2017           

Around December the internet is full of pagan postings bemoaning the fact that they hate Christmas – this book has been written in an attempt to show why we should look upon it as one of the most important festivals in the pagan calendar.

For the entire Pagan community Christmas should be one of the most sacred times of the year, but the lack of any formal written liturgy has consigned the festival to a minor observance in the Pagan calendar. Have a Cool Yule demonstrates that history proves the festival to be a wholly Pagan event, worthy of being acknowledged as one of the Great Festivals along with Beltaine and Samhain. With all the different strands of Pagan custom brought to the hearth-fire of the Mid-Winter Festival, we all have something to celebrate in time-honoured fashion, whether our ancestors are Briton, Celt, Norse or Anglo-Saxon.

Have A Cool Yule by Melusine Draco is published by Moon Books in both e-book and paperback format.  ISBN: 978-1-78535-711-4 (Paperback) £6.99 $10.95 edit | deleteor 978-1-78535-712-1 (e-book) £3.99 $5.99 edit | deleteFor more information go to

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