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Coven Working by Philip Wright and Carrie West

 From time to time I will be introducing reviews for books that are complementary to traditional British Old Craft and the Khemetic Mysteries … or just because they contain their fair share of ‘magical truths’ that are pertinent to all Paths and Traditions.   Wisdom isn’t confined to a single belief system and sometimes we can benefit from a different viewpoint … even if it’s not remotely connected to what we personally believe. 

 Coven Working: How to Set Up or Join a Working Coven by Philip Wright and Carrie West

This book was first published in 2003 by members of Coven of the Scales who foresaw the problems that were arising with all the self-styled ‘covens’ that were springing up without any provable lineage.  And the repercussions that would detonate years down the line.  So … over ten years ago ignotus press published An Inside View of Coven Working to help explore the intricacies of the different Paths and Traditions for the benefit of those who wished to join an existing group, or set up one of their own. Writing as Philip Wright and Carrie West, the authors were both members of the Coven of the Scales, the magical teaching Order formed by Bob and Mériém Clay-Egerton in the late 1980s. Having run their own coven for well over thirty years, and able to trace their lineage back to the turn of the last century, who better to offer advice on what to look for in a magic group – and what to avoid!

Unfortunately, in 2013 ignotus press ceased publishing and it wasn’t until it was brought to our notice that copies of the book were on offer for silly money on the internet – $1000 in the US! –  that we decided to re-release Coven Working: How to Join or Set Up a Working Coven for the benefit of those who were seeking this information. Witchcraft has changed quite considerably in the past twenty years but the guidance given by the original authors remains as clear and relevant as it did over a decade ago.

In the ten years it was publishing magical books, ignotus press was the leader in its field and several of its titles have become collectors’ items – also fetching ridiculous sums on the second-hand market, which goes to prove that the information contained within those pages is still of interest.  Coven of the Scales also continues to attract those seekers who wish to learn more about the pre-Wiccan ways of approaching traditional British Old Craft, which is now beginning to spread the influence of the Old Ways into the New World.

Coven Working by Philip Wright and Carrie West is published in both e-book and paperback format by Ignotus Press UK – available on Amazon.

ISBN: 978 1 78697 123 4




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