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A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing by David Salisbury

 From time to time I will be introducing reviews  for books that are complementary to traditional British Old Craft and the Khemetic Mysteries … or just because they contain their fair share of ‘magical truths’ that are pertinent to all Paths and Traditions.   Wisdom isn’t confined to a single belief system and sometimes we can benefit from a different viewpoint … even if it’s not remotely connected to what we personally believe. 

A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing by David Salisbury

This is a technique that is banded around a lot but up until now, no one has bothered to explain the general whys and wherefores of magical cleansing.  It is full of practical, down-to-earth advice for conducting a ritual cleansing of hearth, home and person in a way that is easy to understand and with instructions you can follow.  In truth, most pagans have a very cavalier attitude to ritual (or magical) cleansing, and the lack of it can be responsible for a multitude of domestic problems we all encounter from time to time.

The author has tailored the text to appeal to all Paths and Traditions, from rank beginner to acting as a gentle reminder for the more established practitioner, who needs some encouragement to pick up the besom! And as Laura Perry, author of Ariadne’s Thread observes, David Salisbury ‘includes an aspect that is sadly lacking in many works: how to maintain a ‘spiritual hygiene’ practice that will prevent future problems from arising. With no melodrama and plenty of real-life examples, Salisbury offers the reader a valuable guide to all kinds of spiritual cleansing, a resource worth returning to over and over again’.

I’m often asked by students for cleansing rites and preparations and we all have our favourite methods, but A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing provides far more ideas than I could possibly come up, even after all the years of teaching.  In fact, I’m so impressed with this book that I’ve added it to the recommended reading list for Coven of the Scales students.  As the authors says:  “Cleansing unhelpful energies is just as much an internal process as it is an external one. We need to look inside ourselves and uncover any patterns and complexes that might be drawing the crud our way. Only then can we wisely look around us and figure out where else it might be coming from. This book will approach both methods, giving us a holistic and balanced approach to cleansing and clearing.”

I thought the last word should come from Mickie Mueller, author of Voice of the Trees and The Witch’s Mirror: “I found myself working with some of David Salisbury’s techniques before I was even halfway through reading it. This is the kind of book that you’ll come back to again and again when the chips are down and you need some thoughtful advice to keep the energies in your life running smoothly.” And you can’t say fairer than that, can you?

A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing by David Salisbury is published by Moon-Books in e-book and paperback format.  For more information go to:

ISBN: 978-1-78279-623-7 : Paperback £9.99 || $15.95  e-book £3.99 || $5.99

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