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From time to time I will be featuring reviews of books by other authors that are complimentary to traditional British Old Craft and the Khemetic Mysteries, and which I feel are recommended or essential reading material.  For example:

Earth God Risen by Alan Richardson

This is a book that’s been around for a l-o-n-g time and is written by one of our most underrated esoteric authors.  In its first incarnation as Earth God Rising it was enthusiastically endorsed by no less than Bill Gray, an irascible English ceremonial magician, Hermetic Qabalist and writer, who published widely on the subject of western esotericism and the occult.   At the time of its original publication, he wrote:

“Richardson traces the presence of the male aspect of deity in Westerners through ancient Egypt and medieval metaphysics into modern mysticism and his own experience.  This he does with scholarly skill and a pleasant fluency.  A delight to read and a worthwhile asset to possess.  So much has been written about our Primal Goddess that it is refreshing to read of Her consort, the Primal God – which the author eventually finds in himself after looking nearly everywhere else.  Adventurous and fascinating.”

Now, all these years later, the Earth God has indeed Risen and from his lofty heights of maturity, Alan Richardson has revisited his previous work on the male mysteries. With his inimitable incisiveness and laconic humour this new commentary alongside the original text offers fresh insights into his own personal approach to the mysteries.  With all the skill of a spiritual surgeon, he also frequently manages to cut his often pretentious younger self down to size.

This innovative re-lease can offer an excellent example for other laurel-resting authors whose books have been out there for too long without any revision or added benefits of hindsight.  As always, Richardson’s writing makes me laugh out loud while at the same time bashing the reader over the head with practical common sense.  If you are a proud possessor of the original, may I suggest you add Earth God Risen to your library – it is still a delight to read and the fresh insights might trigger your own kensho moments on the mystical Path.   MD.

ISBN: 978-1-910098-00-4 : Published by Skylight Press : 174 pages : £12.99

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